The Roosevelt District Has A Beautiful Past & A Bright Future

Posted on Jan 13, 2018
The Roosevelt District Has A Beautiful Past & A Bright Future

Shady streets, beautiful homes, friendly neighbors - sound too good to be true? In many areas today, it is. In the Roosevelt District, though, it's not only true now, but it has been since the neighborhood was created in the 1920s.

A Bit of History

After the floods of 1880 and 1891, the growth pattern of Phoenix changed substantially. People left the southern part o the city and moved northward. That northward movement resulted in the creation of the Roosevelt District. When the streetcar went in on Central Avenue, people began moving a bit further from their places of work, helping to increase interest in the area. After World War I, more housing was created in the area, and as it continued to grow, developers put the Gold Spot Marketing Center nearby. The rest is history. The area continued to attract popularity, and now homes in the Roosevelt District are one of the best places to live in the Phoenix area.

Architecturally Beautiful

One reason so many people are attracted to this area is that it contains some of the best 20th century architecture in the city. Inside, you'll find picturesque Craftsman bungalows, Mission Revival homes, English Cottage Revivals, and even Italian Villa revivals. Add that to the NeoClassical Revival Cottages and Prairie school buildings as well as beautiful structures like the Trinity Cathedral, and you have a place where people truly want to live. Every day here is like living on the set of a film.

A Continuing Trend

Today, people are flocking to the neighborhood like never before. Now recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, it's become a hotspot for the revival that has become downtown Phoenix. It's packed with restaurants, coffee shops, and even Roosevelt Row, with its signature Friday Art Walks.

Homes here in the Roosevelt District are popular, beautiful, and affordable - the trifecta for homes in the Phoenix! For more information on or to look at Roosevelt Districts homes for sale, contact a Launch agent today.